Please join us at Monsterpalooza at the Burbank Marriott Hotel on Saturday March 29. At 10am a special panel will preview the first-ever look at Harbinger Down, Gillis' feature writing/directing debut, hosted by Matt Winston and including star Lance Henriksen with other guests. Following at 11am will be a panel to premiere a first glimpse at Fire City: The Interpreter of Signs, Woodruff's feature directing debut, also hosted by Winston and featuring additional cast as available.

Twenty-five years ago, we bid adieu to our days with Stan Winston and struck out on our own, destined we believed for filmmaker glory. Over those years, what began as a way to pay the bills grew into an award-winning career and a level of artistic satisfaction that has had its own highs and lows but no regrets.

Since you’re already here, you know we’ve just launched a new site, stripping away some of the relics of the past without losing our identity. At a time when filmmaking is fast and cost-efficient, it seemed like the right opportunity to provide a new source to update, educate, and fire up your interest to have us bring our A-game to your project, small, medium, or large!

With the passing of friend and hero Ray Harryhausen on May 7th, there has been a great sense of loss. While Ray had been in retirement for quite a number of years, there were always his visits to ADI and our visits to his home in London. He was the inspiration that fueled us and many, many others to bring their passion to play in front of the cameras.

While his physical presence may have left us, the fire he kindled inside still burns brightly, casting enough light to see that he’s still with us!


Process from design to shooting can take anywhere from a few weeks (commercials) to 5 months (the Alien Vs. Predator features) or more, depending on the scope of the show and that it's important to know it's never too early to begin a dialogue!



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